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1.  Website Property and Acceptance of the Terms of Use

This Website (hereafter “the Site”) and the services related to it (hereafter “Services”) are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Moleskine S.p.A is the owner of the Site.

Your use of this Site is subject to these terms and by using the Site you show your agreement to such terms. If you do not accept our terms, you may not use the Site and, in case you had activated an account, please delete it by contacting

Molskine S.p.A reserves the right to modify, add, or remove at any time one or more of these Terms of Use. The reader is asked to verify regularly the Terms in order to check periodically the present Terms in order to verify if changes have occured. The use of the Site and its services implicate the acceptance of the changes occurred. Moleskine S.p.A reserves the right to modify, suspend, and partially interrupt the services, including the access to the database or the content. Moleskine S.p.A may also completely or partially limit the access or the services, without giving notice or taking responsibility for the limitation of the service.

The Services available in the website are:

  • Registration
  • Newsletter
  • Blog and comments
  • Favourites


2. Contents and Services of the site and their use by the reader.

All material published on the Site (including, for example, articles, photographs, pictures, recordings, hereafter “Contents”) are owned (and/or licensed to) by Moleskine S.p.A, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

The Services and Contents are covered by Copyrights including trade marks and trade names, and by norms protecting the Intellectual Property and regulation of unfair competition in jurisdiction in Italy and abroad. The reader is not allowed to modify, publish, send, share and entrust, reproduce (above the specified limits), rework, distribute, perform, give access and use for commercial purposes, in whole or in part, the Contents and the Services of the Site. The reader may use the Materials made available for download by Moleskine on the Site, provided that: 1) Copyrights information shown on the Site are properly given, 2) the material is for non-commercial, personal use only, none of the materials on this website may be copied, or transmitted or distributed to any other party 3) the material may not be altered in any way, and 4) no other statement or additional guarantee may be given regarding the materials. It is strictly forbidden to reproduce any content for non-personal purposes without previous written authorization released by Moleskine or the owner of the Copyright as indicated on the Site.

Content provided by News Agencies or other websites are published without taking responsibilities for incomplete, inaccurate, wrong information and does not take account for eventual damage.


3. Content and material sent by the readers

The reader may not send, distribute or publish in the dedicated area any abusive, defamatory, obscene or fraudolent material. For example, it is not allowed to use the site and its Services with fraudolent purposes or phishing (used to obtain information on the user’s account and password)

Readers may not publish personal data or information which can make the reader personally recognizable, including credit card data, fiscal code, or license plate. The reader may not publish data concerning the password, user names, phone numbers, other readers’ email address, unless the are accessible on the Internet.

The reader may not assume violent behavior or attack verbally other readers, without using offensive terms, and voluntarily stop discussion by posting repetitive messages, or messages with no significant content or with commercial purposes.

The reader may not use violent terms, discriminating on a racial, religious, sexual and physical basis. The use of violent language will imply a suspension and/or expulsion from the whole or partial use of Services.

The reader may take part in discussion but not generate arguments. In an open and free community, it’s normal that readers can have different views. encourages lively discussions and warmly welcomes such exchanges in the dedicated area of the website. Any individual attack will be considered as a direct violation of these norms and the relative expression will be removed by the moderator appointed by Moleskine.

The reader:

  • may not send comments above 1500 words; there is a limit of 100 comments per week.
  • May use to answer a comment exclusively the “answer comment” function avoiding to answering by copying and pasting other people’s comments
  • May not use dialects and foreign languages
  • Comments may be used only for non-commercial purposes. Without the explicit authorization by Moleskine, each reader is to refrain from sharing and distributing in any form any commercial content.
  • The reader is personally responsible for the content of his own comments. Moleskine, while it can not guarantee a punctual control on every commenter, reserves the right to delete, move and edit any message which may seem abusive, libelous, obscene or damaging the Copyright or trade marks or contrasting the editorial policy of the website.
  • The reader accepts that all material sent to the website (which is not through and complete, used to send comments, express opinions, take part in polls and initiatives, send pictures of audio recordings) can be modified, removed and transmitted by Moleskine. Thus, the reader renounce to any material and moral right on the material, which can be modified, even not according to the readers’ taste. The reader grant permission to non-exclusive use, without geographical limitations. Thus, Moleskine may, directly or through third parties, use, copy, send, extract, publish, distribute and play publicly, share, create derivate works, host, save, note, codify, modify and adapt (including without limitation the right to adapt the transmission for any mode of communication) in any form or with any device known or of future invention, every picture and every message, also audio and video, which may be sent by readers, even by third parties.

By sending the material the reader allows to its publication. The sent material will not be returned and will remain property of Moleskine S.p.A, which is not to be accounted responsible for the eventual loss or distruction of the material.


4. Access and availability of the service. Moleskine is not to be held responsible for the improper use of the website by the users. The Site includes links to other sources and websites. Moleskine is not to be accounted responsible for the actual accessibility and effectiveness of such sources external to the Website. The reader is invited to contact the administrator or webmaster of those sites in case of errors.


5. Declaration of responsibility and readers guarantees

By acceding to the Site and relative services, the reader is agrees to:

  1. Not use the website and its content for illegal purposes or to use it to spread in any form material bound to promote illegal activities
  2. Not use the site in order to interrupt, damage or make less effective the actual function of the Site.
  3. Not use the website to transmit or collocate viruses or any other abusive, obscene, defamatory or threatening material or content which can create prejudice or inconvenience.
  4. Not use the website to compromise people or businesses (including, but not limited to, Copyrights).
  5. Not use the Site in order to share commercial material without the authorization by Moleskine.

The reader as well guarantees that the contents are sent by his/her account by people of age. People under age must be under parental control.

Moleskine S.p.A is not responsible for the material and the way it is used by reader while surfing the Site. Thus he does not take responsibility for the spread of virus or damaging contents originated by third parties.

The reader will thus not consider Moleskine and the administrator of the website responsible for any legal consequence, including legal expense paid by Moleskine or the administrator of the website because of the violation by the reader of the terms ad conditions of the use of his own account.

The reader is to collaborate with Moleskine to safeguard his own right in case of legal action. Moleskine and the administrator of the website are to defend themselves independently, at their own expense, still giving for granted the refund on the reader’s part.

Moleskine and the administrator of the website will not guarantee in any way the reliability of the opinions, declarations, indications and other published information, uploaded and distributed on the website by the reader. The reader is to be aware that believing in the veracity and truthfulness on the opinion, declarations and the information found on the Site is his own responsibility. The services and all material ready for download are provided without any guarantee – explicit or implicit – including limitations, guarantee of availability, commerciability and adequacy. The reader thus acknowledges that the use of such material is under his own responsibility.

Moleskine is not responsible for any loss or damage on the reader’s part in case he didn’t follow these Terms and Conditions, except for the case the are due to negligence or guilt on Moleskine behalf. Except for the cases of negligence, guilt or fraud, Moleskine will not be held responsible for any loss or damage related to the use of the Site, including business damages, gain loss, loss of commercial information, and any other king of money loss.

The reader accepts that:

The site and it services are provided “as they are” and “as they are available”. It’s strictly excluded any guarantee by the owner of the website. B. The owner of the website does not guarantee (i) the website and its use will meet the readers desires, (ii) the site and its services will be provided without interruptions, punctually, safely and without errors, (iii) the reader’s expectation that the results obtained by the use of the website are truthful and reliable, (iv) the quality of products, information, services and software will satisfy the reader and (v) eventual errors will be corrected. Any content downloaded or obtained on the website is used at the reader’s discretions, which is held responsible for any damage cause to his own computer by surfing on the site or downloading the content.


6. Registration and Safety

In the registration process, the reader has to choose an user ID and a password. He also has to provide updated and correct information.

The reader may not choose another user’s Id with the aim of using his identity. He may not use his ID without an explicit agreement. It is forbidden to use an ID which Moleskine considers harmful for other people, offensive or vulgar.

The password chosen by the reader at the registration moment is included in the registration form and may not be given away. Readers are invited to keep the password secret in order to avoid its use by other parties. Thus, they will be held responsible for any use, authorized or unauthorized, of any damage given to the blog administrator, Moleskine and/or third parties.

The failed respect of these terms implies the violation of the General Terms and Conditions and can lead to the immediate cancellation of the account responsible of the violation. In case of potential or effective unauthorized use of his account, the reader can write to or send a registered mail to Moleskine S.p.A, Viale Stelvio, 66 – 20159 Milano providing detailed information about the violation, the unauthorized use or the theft of his password and personal information.

The reader is aware that he must be of age in order to register to the website, even f people of any age can access to it. People under age must be authorized by parents.

The reader is fully responsible for any action made by his account, personally or by third parties. Any abusive, fraudulent or illegal use of the website will entail the immediate cancellation of the account by decision of Moleskine or the administrator of the website.


7. Cost of service and payment

The website services are free where not specifically said. Moleskine may in the future allow the access to some part of the website by charging a fee. In any case, Moleskine may not ask for any payment without preventively asking for an express acceptance of the offer. So, if Moleskine will in the future ask for any payment to access parts of the website, the reader will be sent proper documentation and given the option to accept the service. In case of acceptance, the reader will pay the amount according to the service and the decided upon form.


8. Software license use

The reader does not gain any right relating to the use of the software present in the website except for the use of the software itself. The reader otherwise may not grant permission to use, assign or transfer licenses in relation to the software. The reader is exclusively authorized to use the software for personal purposes.


9. Duration of the account

The reader can delete his account at any moment writing to or sending a registered mail to Moleskine S.p.A., Viale Stelvio, 66 – 20159 Milano. The reader will receive a communication confirming the cancellation of the account. The reader will be held responsible for the action on the account until that moment. Moleskine and the administrator of the website may delete or suspend access to partial or all part of the website at any moment, because of the violation of the terms.


10. Jurisdiction and applicable law

These Terms of Use are regulated by Italian Law. For evetual controversies, if the reader is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is connected to the court of his place of residence. In all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the Foro di Milano.


11. Processing of personal data

Please notice the all’Informativa Privacy (D.lgs. n. 196/2003) published on the website. Any communication may be sent to Moleskine S.p.A., Viale Stelvio, 66 – 20159 Milano or by

Date of revision: 17.03.2016